Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spring Training: Next Year is Here

Finally pitchers and catchers have reported to kick off the 2013 baseball season. The World Series is anyone's to win and Cubs fans would love for their team to bring home the hardware. With the rotation and bullpen looking a lot better then last year, the Cubs will continue to move forward with their dynasty progression. 

Today starts a new chapter in Theo's reign in Chicago and he hopes for it to be a good one. With the signing of multiple players in the off season like Scott Baker, Edwin Jackson..and many more, the Cubs have reloaded for the new season. Coming off a 100+ losing season Theo and the Cubs want to improve from last years awful catastrophe and try and contend for a playoff spot this year. 

With the Chicago Cubs already scratched off the playoff sheet, many aren't even expecting a .500 win season for the lovable losers. With the Cubs drought extended past one century, the organization and the fans still have their hopes for a World Series victory. This could be the year the Cubs come out and surprise everyone by taking the hardware home. Looking back over the past years the Cubs have went from winning 60 games in one year and then 90 the following year. No one ever knows what the Cubs are capable of and hopefully they can come out with a bang this season. 

 With many pitchers like Scott baker, Hector Rondon and Arodys Vizcaino coming off Tommy-John surgery no one knows what to expect from them this year. Hoping for many positives from these pitchers, the Cubs pitching staff could out preform the expectations for this season and boost the Cubs to a playoff wildcard or even maybe a NL pennant! With the Cubs having so much young talent it is hard to tell what or who will be carrying the Cubs this season. Expect your Chicago Cubs to break out this season and win 86 games giving them a much needed moral boost and possible playoff spot. Please comment below and tell us what you think the Cubs bring to the table this year!! 


  1. Brother you are living in the land of Oz if you think we are going to win 86 games. No chance in hell. My prediction is that we lose between 85 to 90 games. That will be a huge win. All you want to see this year is progression. If you look at history it usually takes at least three years to compete when you are rebuilding the right way. So next year is the year that I expect to make the playoffs an win the world series. For sure expect a WS title in the next two years. No later than that.

    1. Im just dreaming man....I can only dream

  2. They may surprise a lot of critics this year. I believe from what I have read from player interviews they are a very motivated group of ball players that aim to prove their critics wrong. I have been guessing wrong when a world series title would come for many years now and I wouldn't expect the Cubs to be any more predictable now than in the past. Since I and almost everyone else doesn't believe this will be the year it won't shock me if we are all watching Castro pouring champagne over Rizzo's head come October.


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